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I try to keep this site apolitical.  I try to keep it positive.  I try (and generally fail) to keep it updated once a week.

I would love to be more poetic or illustrative of how I feel about this.  But I don’t have the time in me.  I will say this though.  My time is given to my children and the runners I coach (anything leftover is for my wife and my own running, in that order).  My kids distract me at times from the hobbies that I enjoy.  But they are getting old enough for me to take them out on little adventures and experience the outdoors.

There are some places under threat to private development right now.  The short-term gains of selling open spaces to business for who knows what use.  But taking wild places and digging them up for profit is not the direction we need to go.  Those of us who spend time outdoors, so all of you, get why being outside is important and wonderful.  So you need to get your voice out there.  At least try.  While I may not have time because of my kids, I want them to have time to visit some of the greatest places our country has to offer when they get older.

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