Cross Country Captains

2017- Girls Captains:  Paige Debrie, Jaden Hilkeman, Sydney Settles  Boys Captains:  Ryan Lampe, Luke Pierce

2016- Girls Captains:  Tasneem Ali, Diana Lado-Andrea, Miriam Kluck  Boys Captains: Goaner Chot, Luke Pierce, Husham Zaido

2015-Girls Captains:  Miriam Kluck, Dina Lado-Andrea, Boys Captains:  Bemnet Habtu, Andru Hansen, Nate Pierce

2014- Girls Captains:  Jeralyn Poe, Mandy Amberg.  Boys Captains:  Nick Stanley, Andru Hansen

2013- Girls Captains:  Annie Keeshan, Ashli Glosser, Hannah Black, and Mandy Amberg.  Boys Captains:  Atem Lueth, Zach Turner, and Kennedy Krikac

2012-  Girls Captains:  Annie Keeshan and Jeralyn Poe.  Boys Captains:  Joey Black and Philip Truong

2011-  Girls Captains:  Olivia Morris and Ellisa Janzen   Boys Captains:  Mohamed Hamdan and Philip Truong


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