Johnson County Lake Iowa City, IA

The many trails of Johnson County (Iowa that is!)

Iowa really does have some fun places for a trail runner.  I never would have believed it until I moved here, but the area right around Cedar Rapids and Iowa City has a dozen or more places to get of the concrete.   This isn’t Colorado, but for the Midwest it is golden.  I plan on posting several of the best spots over the next few months.

One of my favorites is the Squire Point trail network along the shores of the Coralville Reservoir (  These are not the longest or the most challenging trails in the area. However they are right on the edge of town and it is easy to string together a run of an hour or two without feeling like you are going in circles.

I was able to enjoy a run and get these pictures on a cold November morning.

Going up the hills

A look over the shoreline

Nothing like hitting the trails

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