Ones to Run

The track where I cut my teeth in running. Turn 1 at LSE.

Some routes you take in running are forgettable.  A random place you went through a neighborhood.  Maybe an out and back by your hotel on vacation.  Could be a run you had when you were feeling sick.

Some routes you run all the time and are as part of you as the hallway is during a middle of the night bathroom stop. They are a key part of your weekly miles and have their own capitalized name in your training log.

Some routes you brag about to your friends after doing them.

Regardless this is a section of the site devoted to promoting all of these routes and passing them on to friends of running. If you have any to contribute, let me know.  Just hover over the ONES TO RUN above and pick your route.  Enjoy.

8 Responses to Ones to Run

  1. Eric Lomison says:

    Mill? or No Mill?

  2. bwandzi says:

    Referring to Mill Road or a treadmill? Mill road, yes. Treadmill, not unless I am desperate.

  3. Eric Lomison says:

    I know and you know better than to use a treadmill. Mill Road Definately.

  4. runlikeagirl says:

    Hey Brian…I would love to see you do a writeup of the Sandhills Marathon. I think that is a really special course in arguably the most beautiful part of Nebraska. I’d love to hear your take on it.

  5. TimM says:

    Damn! That’s a monster hill!

  6. Gidds says:

    Now that is a wicked hill. 30 minutes!! Looks like fun to me

  7. Keeshan says:

    Mills west, for sure.

    And the freakin middle thousand of death on the Pioneers course..

  8. Doug L says:

    Amazing job with the M2M 50k, Brian! You’ve inspired me to consider thinking about possibly making a decision to potentially attempt that race next year. Given that, I’m still not sold on the idea that I could actually do it. Guess I’ll need to think about it some more. 🙂

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