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Sometimes, I can’t decide what I want to write about.  Between lack of something to say and a busy life, it just doesn’t happen.  Common themes are joy of running, simple (likely unoriginal) observations of my own little experiences in the sport, race reports, my favorite things, essentially recording stuff for my friends to read or maybe even my kids to come across some day.  But a constant thread is what it is that gets people out and on the roads, tracks, and trails.

So what keeps you motivated?  Running is something that is so damn simple, yet so damn hard at times.  The easy answer is that the reasons people run are as numerous as the runners themselves.  On my end it is a time or race goal more often than not.  I am lucky enough to have some talent where I can earn some award recognition, which never sucks.  I really, really, just enjoy running.  Socially.  Solo Dawn Patrol.  Whatever.  I’ve met some of my closest friends via long runs.  The people I surround myself with or those who find their way on paths that intersect my own, provide endless amounts of inspiration.  Two of those are runners I’ve coached in my time at Lincoln North Star High School.  It’s been fourteen years there as a cross country coach.  We are the world at that school.  Nine nationalities represented this past season.  Really cool to get to be a part of that.  Even better are some of the stories and perspectives I get from the kids.  The story of Liem (above left) and Goanar (above right), two of our runners the last three years has been in mind through my recent training. Can’t make it up. Perspective.  Gritty. Inspiring.


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