2017 Lincoln Twilight Track Meets

Pretty simple.  Show up. Sign up.  Race.  Use these as a tune-up for summer racing in July and August.  Maybe a way to get some speedwork in without doing a formal workout on your own.

Proceeds go towards LNS XC and Lincoln Food Bank.  Email me if you have questions.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come and run.  Bring a friend, tell a friend.

Doughnut Race continues to be a Lincoln tradition.

Lincoln All Comers Track Meet

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 11.22.09 AM

Thursday, June 8th  (Lincoln North Star)

 Thursday, June 29th   (Lincoln North Star)


 Registration starts at 5:20pm

 Cost is $2 per event, $10 for donut race (see below)

Runners of all ages and abilities (seriously, the more people there are the better) are welcome. Get ready for an upcoming race, get in a workout, meet some folks, whatever.  Volunteers are always welcome to help time and cheer.

 Events (in order)

6:00 pm-400m

6:10- 800m

6:15- Predict a 1600m (prizes given)

6:30- 200

6:40- Mile (true mile, no 1600m)

7:00- 3000 or 5000 (only by request, so please email me)

 7:35pm- DONUT 2k

(This event will be at 7:00 if no one requests for the 3k or 5k)

Eat a donut, run a lap format, specific rules given at event


Presented by LRC, Hy-Vee, Pink Gorilla Racing, simplesoleproject.com

 Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 11.22.24 AM

6 donuts, 5 laps total

 Pre-Registration will get you a customized coffee mug.  NEED TO EMAIL ME BY JUNE 12th TO GUARANTEE A SPOT. 

 There will be extra doughnuts for day of registration, but limited.

 CONTACT BRIAN WANDZILAK:  bwandzilak@gmail.com

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